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On July 9, 2009 both the Brown County Appraisal District and the Appraisal Review Board were given facts supporting the premises that the properties of Brown County Texas are not being appraised accurately or fairly according to their market value.

The most valuable properties in Brown County are being appraised WELL below their market value, while other, moderately priced properties are being appraised at the very top of their market value. This is not legal under the Texas Property Tax Code and needs to be corrected.

Therefore with this petition the Brown County, Texas, Property owners, are asking for a full and immediate review and investigation of the Brown County Officials including, but not limited to, Judges, Appraisal District Board of Directors, Brown County Appraisal District and the Appraisal Review Board.

The petitioners request that proper action be taken regarding the positions and/or conversations of said officials.

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