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Iraqi Government, Amnesty, All Human Rights organizations

To all respected news media and Human Rights organizations,

Three years ago, in the month of Muharram 2008, the Iraqi Government forces along with American and British forces attacked a group of followers of Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan in the cities of Basra and Al-Nasiriyah. The Iraqi government admitted that they killed 400 in the attack. When they arrested the rest of the Ansar in Basra and sent them to Baghdad, they let them loose after it was made known through interrogation that they did not commit any crimes.

So what is the difference in the events of Al Nasiriyah?

Those that were attacked in Al Nasiriyah by some scholars and the higher council group, were tortured with the worse kind of torture in the governor's house. We ask the question... are there prisoners that are transferred to the house of the governor and tortured at the hands of some scholars?

By what law is that?

Then they arranged for them a trial and with false confessions that they wrote, and they judged them with execution. And when this case turned into discrimination, it remained for two years after the discrimination court decided to counter the judgment, but there are political pressures upon the discrimination court to validate the judgments.

Finally some of the Scholars and the Higher council took advantage of the crimes of Al Qaeda and the people's demands to prosecute them and execute them to pass the execution of 24 of the followers of Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan and life imprisonment to 15 of the Ansar with them.

The Matter of validating the judgment of executing the Ansar is a political execution 100 percent, as there are political forces who wish to execute the Ansar along with the wave of Al Qaeda criminal executions, which in no way relate.

The Iraqi government has confessed to the crime of killing 400, only due to their religious beliefs, and we ask, is this the new democracy that is being built in Iraq? As you read this, they are in the process of executing another 24, who have committed no crime, and imprisoning another 15 to life sentences, due to their religious beliefs.

Accompanied Files:

The Martyr Mujtava who was shot and left to bleed to death while being beat in the incidents that took place in the infamous month of Muharram.

See how the big scholars are inciting violence against the Ansar simply because of their belief.

Al Fayad is here clearly asking the government to obliterate and bury the Ansar of Imam Mahdi a.s. in their place:
http://www.alfayadh.com/site/index.php? ... icle&id=41

The burning of the Library of the Ansar in Basra

Archive of photos of the destruction of the Husseiniya and Mosque of the Ansar of Imam Mahdi a.s.


EVERY NIGHT AT 9pm Mecca Time - the show- by what law is this? concerning what is happening against the Ansar, so join in the paltalk room

We request from Al Maliki who is in the position of ruler of Iraq to re-try them in a new fair trial in Baghdad, so that it becomes clear that their trial has been fabricated and has political and religious agendas, and that it is shown that those who are facing execution are innocent and have been tortured in the worst of ways.

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