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My name is Laura Watts. I am starting this petition for all of the people renting an apartment in the Trilling Ave. complex.

I am starting this petition to get the attention of the owners whom don't like to do their jobs or listen to any complaints of their residents. I am trying to prove my point that my family and I are not the only ones who have problems in these apartments.

I am asking you to sign my petition if you have had any of the following happen to you or your family while residing in these apartments. No heat, lighting problems, roaches, bug bites, no screens on windows, holes in walls or ceilings, plumbing problems, electricity problems, spiders, ect.

We have all of the problems listed above in our apartment and we have told everyone in management that they need to be fixed or taken care of adn these problems started over 6 months ago and we still are waiting for a response.

I have called everyone from the State to the Health Department and still nothing is fixed. If you feel the way I do that something needs to be done about these problems a.s.ap. then please sign my petition and we might get the answers we have been looking for; for such a long time. My 3 year old son has been getting bitten by something in this apartment and he is in pain.

We the people of the Trilling Ave. apartments need to come together as one and go against the people who are at fault for these problems and show them we are not going to accept this behaviour any longer.......

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