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As a student fresh out of college I am extremely frustrated looking for a job. Despite the fact that I may have equivalent experience through my education to enable me to work jobs such as an administrative assistant the computer systems do not take that into consideration and I get kicked out before anyone even looks at my resume.

If people wonder why college kids have such trouble finding decent jobs, this is why. I once got a rejection letter 10 minutes before I submitted my application.

We, the undersigned, petition to the US Government to fix the flaw in the application system. We know there are a lot of people applying for many different jobs. However, do we not deserve someone to at least glance at our resume to see if we may have something to offer a company?

Computer systems boot college students out for lack of work experience despite educational equivalency. They never have the chance for their resumes to be reviewed.

We want to see college students succeed therefore equivalency to experience through education must be considered somehow. If you have a college student in your life struggling due to this flawed system sign the petition.

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