Moms, Dads, Families and Tax payers

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The following statement is of my own personal opinion and true beliefs.

I spent less than a year as a licensed private investigator with little to no skill in order to discover what will no doubt soon lead to one of the most significant discoveries and or disclosures of judicial industry information regarding the Canadian family court system ever disclosed.

It is my true belief with respect to my simple discovery that there are no changes that could possibly ever be made to the present family court system that would reduce the enormous amount of suffering and death presently taking place.

With your support, this never before seen judicial industry information will be for the first time, gathered, compiled, then disclosed to the public.

That Justice Canada Statistics form an immediate, comprehensive publicly accessible data base to record past and present statistics regarding any actions, in any capacity of all Attorneys and Doctors whom work and or provide information within the family court system.

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