#Animal Rights
The State of Texas
United States of America

The state has taken my dogs! When we first moved to the city, my country dogs [a pitbull and a catahoula] had a little trouble learning where their yard was and how far they could go.

They got out of the yard twice, so we built the fence higher. We have had no problems until one day the door latch broke off and the dogs got out again. I called animal control immediately but animal control found them barking at guys at a construction site. They said the guys had to flee for shelter. Yes, they ARE scary when they bark but my dogs would never bite anyone!

The state served me with a warrant for the dogs and has them on hold until I appeal this decision and take it to court! I have the vet, the neighbors, and the lady at the local rescue who has been in my home 30+ times, to all vouch for them.

My dogs were only off the leash, they didn't attack and should not be treated as such!

Barking should not be a crime punishable by death!

Please, let the dogs return home.

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