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Anyone who may have purchased savings bonds may remember a few years ago receiving a nice paper with the details of the owner, date and value of the bill. A few years ago the option to receive a physical paper bill to show for your investment was abolished and full digital bonds where introduced. I understand the progression into the digital realm, but savings bonds are an investment that require a tangible element to feel satisfaction and confidence in what can be upwards of 40k a year of your potential investment. I was a collector of said bonds and enjoyed having a nice bill to admire while my money sat in the hands of the investors.

I would strongly urge anyone who misses this last bit of yesteryear to sign this petition and encourage the US Treasury to offer us the option for a physical savings bond in addition to the digital confirmation as secondary proof of investment.

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The Resurrect paper savings bonds petition to Www.Treasurydirect.gov was written by Ryan Duty and is in the category Government at GoPetition.