#Students' Rights
Curtin University Student Guild

Parking at Curtin Uni (Bentley campus) has been an issue for some time. We propose that no student living within 5km of campus should be allowed to obtain parking (unless disability, medical, or other proven exemption reasons exist.)

Audits show:

There is ample public transport available in this 5km zone. There are many end-of-trip facilities available on campus (and these are proposed to be upgraded).
There is a free Curtin bus in surrounding suburbs (with proposed upgrades to routes.)

Restricting parking to only those students living further than 5km from campus will free up valuable parking spaces, and increase health of students by increasing physical activity.

Regardless of whether or not pay-as-you-go parking is implemented or permit parking remains, this restriction will be easy to implement as both systems require address registration before parking is granted.

We, the undersigned, support the move to disallow parking on Curtin University Bentley campus to students living within 5km from campus.

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