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1. Extend the Penalty Relief Program

Thousands of local existing and current cannabis operators were disqualified from participating in the commercial cannabis permitting program due to a variety of restrictions set forth in Ordinance 6189, passed in December 2016. These disqualifiers range from current zoning banned, cost of compliance to obtain the necessary licensed professional reports, to simply not having enough time or access to accredited funding to transition onto new properties or to bring existing property up to code.

With the cost of real estate skyrocketing in Sonoma County, there are simply not enough properties available for displaced operators in AR/RR to move and afford the cost of permitting in just eight months.

Many licensed professionals have increased rates, and are difficult to book for timely reports, many operators are unsure if their property will comply, and submittal of their applications are pending a due diligence period before paying thousands of dollars to submit an application.

It seems that the Penalty Relief Program deadline for submitting permit applications, August 31st, was developed to incentivize farmers to participate before harvest. However, this timeline gave local operators, many of whom were disqualified or displaced only eight months to raise banking capital, find appropriately zoned parcels that meet the stringent and necessary environmental requirements and prepare an application.

While the ‘existing’ transition operators are allowed to submit an application without the required reports until December 31, 2017, these reports are in fact their due diligence before paying thousands of dollars in application fees.

Many licensed professionals who conduct the various services required for permitting, such as biotic assessments, water and wastewater studies and plans, site plans and permit preparation have expressed they too are overwhelmed with the deadline, as the quantity of inquiries and contracts have created a logjam.

Your local operators need more time to transition. Eight months would not work for any other agricultural industry to transition into major regulatory changes, and traditional ag businesses have a robust support network with grants, subsidies, and access to bank loans for the infrastructure investments to bring their operations into compliance.

The State of California has acknowledged this very difficult transition to come into compliance and will allow operators until January 2019 to shift from caregiver/collective model to submitting a commercial cannabis license. That is a three-year window that was set and is still an ambitious timeline for government and operators alike.

If Sonoma County truly intends to realize a successful implementation of the commercial cannabis program that includes cottage operators and small businesses, it must nurture the process. The resources are minimal and the expectations for performance are high. If there are no other programs offered by the county to assist operators in this transition, then time must be extended to allow operators to come into compliance. The alternative will create a deeper divide between the well-financed operations that can develop quickly and the thousands of local citizens that risk being treated like black market criminals because they couldn't procure funding and resources to re-establish in just eight months.

2. Stop Child abuse before children are born

We need to have legislation to protect children being born to unfit families.

Parents need to go through a physical, psychological and financial assessment before being allowed to have children. This will dramatically reduce children being harmed in the wrong hands.

Children are our tomorrow!

So stop people having kids for welfare benefits to support their drug addiction and stop unfit parents abusing children.

3. Say NO to Waste Management's permit renewal

Waste Management abandoned their facility over 2 years ago, leaving it an eyesore and a health and safety risk to children and residents.

They now want to renew their permit to haul garbage to our town, which would allow Waste Management to haul up to 900 tons of garbage a day to Hillsdale, without even providing a tipping fee.

Hillsdale is no dump! If you do not want garbage, trucks and traffic, please sign this petition and support the Hillsdale Council in it's fight to stop the renewal of Waste Management's permit.

4. Save Eugene the Sandy Hill Pig

Eugene the pig has a great life. He lives with his loving owner and his friend (a rabbit) where he enjoys taking baths, watching youtube and performing tricks. However, due to Sandy Hill by-law, Eugene may soon be taken from his family, which would be devastating to Eugene as well as the family he lives with.

Eugene and his owner living in Sandy Hill, which has a bylaw stating livestock cannot be kept. However, many Canadian cities including Edmonton and Calgary offer permits for owners to keep potbelly pigs as pets. If Sandy Hill adopted these same bylaws, Eugene could stay with his family.

5. Stop Eco-tour Permit Process

Brevard County is trying to start a permit process that limits commercial access to all Brevard County Parks.

6. Grant Visitors Visa for 2 week visit

I'm in urgent need of assistance. I have been given power of attorney, by a good family friend to apply on his behalf for a South African visitors visa, as he is unable to apply in his own country Egypt:

A) due to the political unrest, the South African consulate is not opening regularly;

B) he lives 7 hours away from embassy;

C) he is a paraplegic and is unable to go to embassy.

We have been struggling since the end of February to get his visitors visa, he needs to attend a wedding that has been postponed until his arrival. He couriered via DHL all the necessary documents as per request of DHA, johannesburg:

a) passport with 4 visa photos

b) return flight ticket

c) invitation letter

d) power of attorney

e) full itenary of his 2 week stay

f) proof of residence ( where he will be staying)

g) proof of income ( funds available)

h) full original south african visa application filled and signed by him

I) copy of south african host' id

J) proof of income ( funds available of host)

K) proof of residence ( he will stay with south african host).

As per DHA call centre + DHA website with a power of attorney I will be able to apply on his behalf due to his disability. How ever upon my arrival at DHA Cape town after a 4 hour que. Im only rudely responded to as we don't do visa's in cape town. With a suggestive "but if you willing to pay R5000 it might be able to work".

I work a full time job for a company that has a huge number of clientele, my working hours are mon - sunday 8am -8pm. When do DHA suggest I fly up to Johannesburg to submit the application ( as this is what I have been told to do) and wait 5 days and then fly back. I have approached my employer whom is not willing to do that and give me time off.

I have contacted numerous visa organization e.g. nwis visa, visa pro, visalogix, and each one are given a different reason why this application cannot be approved. We find this discriminating toward my friend with his disabilities, and the lack of compassion home affairs hav e towards people with disabilities, yet hundreds of illegal foreigners daily get entry into our country with out DHA even winking.

My friend is coming to attend a wedding, not to ask for jobs, and government grants, the lack of assistance of DHA of home affairs are putting our government organization's in a very bad light. Its unacceptable, with the lack of service, and qualifications these officials hold that occupy these positions.

I'm disgusted by the corruption within our departments that they openly ask for bribes in order to assist with something that they are actually employed to do.

Therefore im sending you this email, please direct me to someone senior enough and authorized enough to actually assist me and not waste any more of our time. We have started a world wide petition and have so far 6000 signatures of disabled organisation's putting in grievance as per regards to this matter.

I have received no responses, but just copied automated emails saying query are being attended to. Suddenly info on website gets removed but I took screen shots. Please share this with all your friends, its a matter really important to me



We understand the decision not to grant the POPE permit was due solely to concerns for the safety of all who gather for the festival. We as a community understand the concerns and the need for the Shire Council and Emergency Services to have strict guidelines, as we live in an extremely precarious and volatile area with potential Environmental hazards, particularly during the hottest and driest time of the year.

But we also believe that there are a number of factors that need to be carefully considered when making such a major decision with only 9 days remaining prior to the commencement of this annual event.

Rainbow Serpent Festival is the home thousands of people each year return to without fail, celebrating the past year and celebrating the coming year with old and new friends alike. The gathering has grown over its 15 years of existence, developing a framework where a cross cultural exchange between a wide spectrum of social demographics can occur.

Rainbow Serpent Festival generates a very significant amount of revenue for the surrounding local communities, as well as for the community that comes together to make Rainbow Serpent Festival one of the most highly regarded Music and Lifestyle Festivals in World.

Amongst the estimated 15,000 people who will come together for Rainbow Serpent Festival 2013 there is a large proportion of performers, musicians, artists, caterers, audio visual experts amongst a plethora of others who are reliant upon this gathering occurring each year for their financial livelihood.

It will be a complete travesty if an amicable resolution cannot be reached. Such an impasse will most likely signify the end of an important economic and cultural event.


8. Require a Form of Class and/or License Prior to the Purchase of Any Firearm

When purchasing a firearm the requirements are lenient and lacking depth.

With recent tragedies we have witnessed the horrific events that are made possible when a firearm is placed in the hands of an irresponsible/under evaluated owner.

This petition proposes that as a nation we require a form of class and/or licensing prior to the purchase of any firearm.

Including, but not limited to, sanity evaluation, awareness, and of course gun safety.

With a form of testing in order to be licensed and able to purchase/possess a fire arm.

9. Restrict Curtin Uni parking to those living further than 5kms away from campus

Parking at Curtin Uni (Bentley campus) has been an issue for some time. We propose that no student living within 5km of campus should be allowed to obtain parking (unless disability, medical, or other proven exemption reasons exist.)

Audits show:

There is ample public transport available in this 5km zone. There are many end-of-trip facilities available on campus (and these are proposed to be upgraded).
There is a free Curtin bus in surrounding suburbs (with proposed upgrades to routes.)

Restricting parking to only those students living further than 5km from campus will free up valuable parking spaces, and increase health of students by increasing physical activity.

Regardless of whether or not pay-as-you-go parking is implemented or permit parking remains, this restriction will be easy to implement as both systems require address registration before parking is granted.

10. Allow Professional Videography on Public Lands

Small, independent film-makers are forced to pay the same fees as large production studios to film commercially on public lands.

Still Photographers are exempted from the fees, but with advancements in technology (Especially DSLR's), videographers and film makers are now using similar or identical equipment with no more impact than a still photographer. The fee is now necessitated at the flip of a switch.

11. Change the way in which Penalty Charge Notices are issued across the UK

Perhaps it is about time we changed how "parking enforcement" works. A completely new, friendly approach, not incentivised by money.

Each Council Ward can appoint its own group of "wardens", they may even be local volunteers, with the necessary powers to issue PCN's. Everyone in the ward will know who they are, and have their number to call if they have a problem. The point is however, that they will be welcoming, friendly sort of person, rather than the authoritarian set up we have now.

They will only issue tickets in the most extreme cases and will only issue a ticket as a last resort. The vast majority of PCN's issued currently are completely unnecessary and are purely issued to generate revenue - these would never get issued under this new arrangement.

I realise it may take some time to make these changes but they will be worth it if it encourages a more friendly local community.

In the UK at the moment you can steal and be fined less (or not at all), than the motorist who parks on the wrong line, displays the wrong permit, or just overstays his parking ticket. It is plainly very wrong and unfair.

Please sign the petition if you would like this to change.

12. Stop Charging Faculty and Staff Parking UNCC

If you work for UNCC you must pay parking yearly. Every year we have had to pay with it increasing yearly.

We haven't had a pay increase/bonuses in several years. In fact we have been furlowed and still had to pay to park that day.

13. P.A.R.C. in Peace Petition

P.A.R.C. is a group of residents living near Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx N.Y., who are petitioning the Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. and Mayor Bloomberg to issue residential parking permits to certified local residents. These parking permits would allow residents within a 10 block radius of Yankeee Stadium to have the exclusive right to park within this area on home game days and other events held at Yankee Stadium. Yankee fans are welcome to park in the numerous Yankee parking lots or father away from the stadium.

As a result, residents in the area would park worry free and the city would create more revenue from the parking lots they already have in the area. Thus, with residential parking permits residents can also enjoy Yankee home games and other events held at Yankee Stadium, and the city can get a greater return on their investment.

Residents should not have to worry about finding parking after coming home tired from a long day of work or school. Residents should not have to spend a hour or more looking for parking where they live. Residents should not have to sacrifice their quality of life for Yankee home games, or any other Yankee Stadium event.

14. Properly Regulate Alcohol Sales and Brown Bagging

This is our present city ordinance.

It shall be unlawful for a convenience store, service station or other type of retail establishment holding a permit authorizing the sale of beer and light wine for off-premises consumption to:

(1) To sell beer or light wine to any person between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on Monday through Saturday, and between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.
(2) To permit consumption of beer or light wine on the premises of the store or retail establishment.
(3) To sell, give or furnish beer or light wine to any person visibly intoxicated or to any insane person, or to any habitual drunkard, or to any person under the age of twenty (21) years.
(4) To permit on the premises any lewd, immoral, or improper entertainment, or conduct or practices.
(5) To permit or suffer gambling or the operation of games of chance upon the licensed premises unless otherwise allowed by the Mississippi Gaming Act.
(6) To receive, possess or sell on the premises any beverage of any kind or character containing more than five (5) percent alcohol by weight.
(7) To display or sell beer or light wine from an ice tub or similar container, other than a mechanical refrigeration unit.

This is our present city ordinance. There are some people in our community that would like to change the ordinance due to the fact they say we are losing much needed sales tax revenue to the county and Louisiana, where beer and light wine can be purchased all day, every day.

15. Reforms In Intermediate Public Transport (Auto Rickshaws)

Dear Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Shiela Dikshit, Hon’ble Minister of Transport, Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely and transport commissioner Shri R K Verma

With regard to the problems commuters face with auto rickshaw drivers (ARD), such as overcharging and unruly behaviour, we wish to bring your attention to the following facts.

Out of the two types of autorickshaw drivers, 80 per cent are renter-drivers, renting autos from contractors who own multiple vehicles. They pay Rs 250-300 for 10-12 hours and earn the same amount in profit: half their daily taking goes on rent and CNG. Owner-drivers own their machines, although “owner” is misleading as most are repaying huge loans to auto-financiers from whom they purchased the rickshaw and the required permit. Monthly payments are Rs 9,000-15,000.

Two decisions have strengthened the auto-financiers’ hands. In 1997, the Supreme Court capped the number of autos, trying to cut emissions. No new auto-permits would be issued; nor could they be sold. Delhi’s size and population grew, but the number of autos did not. Consequently, the permit price rocketed and a black market emerged. Only auto-financiers won; their existing stock of auto-permits appreciated. In the late ’90s, a new rickshaw with permit cost just over a lakh. Today, after a decade of black-market inflation, the same package costs Rs 4-4.5 lakh: Rs 1.45 lakh for the auto, Rs 3 lakh for the permit. Meanwhile, demand for rented autos rose with new migrants, but supply froze, allowing contractors to hike rents.

Then, in 1998, the Supreme Court ordered public transport vehicles to convert to CNG by 2002. Owner-drivers had to pay Rs 30,000 each. In 2000, Delhi had 83,000 autorickshaws. In 2002, there were 55,000. The average owner-driver could not afford it; thousands had to sell their autos and valid permits cheaply to financiers. Others had their permits voided and were left unable to legally drive their autorickshaws: selling them to a financier was the only option. By cancelling and hoarding permits, financiers and the Transport Department managed to get rid of over a third of Delhi’s autos, sending permit prices spiralling.

Financiers now hold most of Delhi’s auto-permits — but in the names of the original owners (not the financiers), who sold their vehicles years ago. When a driver pays Rs 4-4.5 lakh for the auto-permit package, the permit will be transferred in his name only when the loan is repaid. Until then he drives “illegally”. Renter-drivers have the same problem: the auto-permit is in the contractor’s name, or a false name to cover the contractor’s activities.

Other methods exist to retain control. The financier will make the driver — frequently a new migrant to Delhi — sign several blank loan contracts. This gives him power to raise interest rates and deny the driver ownership even when the loan is fully repaid. It also allows him to charge extortionate “penalty charges”. Many of Delhi’s owner-drivers have been repaying loans for many years due to compound interest and “late payment penalties” of up to Rs 30,000. The contract maximises the financier’s ability to repossess the autorickshaw. Once snatched back, it can be sold to the next driver. Many vehicles have been “sold” and repossessed five or six times.

The over-regulatory regime demands Auto-drivers to carry around 16 documents with them at all times, “available” from the transport department on application. However, each application requires an absurdly long list of supporting documents: a 50-year-old Bihari driver may be asked for his old school certificates and Delhi ID and ration cards. Impossible requirements, of course, lead to bribes being offered.
Is it surprising, then, that in this distorted market, auto-drivers can’t rely on the meter? Somehow, in the midst of all these repayments, rents, bribes and challans, the autowallahs must feed their families.

Yet auto rickshaws are a vital part of Delhi’s infrastructure: they are efficient, affordable, economical, environmentally friendly — and iconic. They cannot be scrapped. Instead, the whole auto rickshaw sector must be reformed, starting with the issuance of new permits. To become a “world-class city” Delhi needs a bigger, better fleet of intermediate public transport vehicles that provide convenient public transport to residents respecting right to livelihood of the drivers.

The apex court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority in January this year cited the freeze ordered by the apex court on the number of autos at 55,000 in the city as the main reason for the financier mafia selling autos at an escalated cost.

16. Introduction of SMART Visitor Permit Scheme to Barclay Road

The SMART Visitor Permit is active in several zones in the Hammersmith and Fulham Borough. The Permit allows visitors of residents in these zones to park throughout the length of the controlled hours, regardless of the maximum stay for the area.

It also provides a convenient cashless method of paying for parking as well as a cheaper alternative to the regular pay and display tariff. As Barclay Road is in the same Borough, its residents should be entitled to the same service and cheaper tariffs.

17. We Demand Financial Transparency on BHUSD Permit Issue

The Beverly Hills Board of Education has to date NEVER formally presented to the community an itemized financial analysis of the SAVINGS it will incur by removing Opportunity permit children from the BHUSD educational system. The public has explicitly asked the Board for over 1 year to provide these financial numbers.

Bob Blatner, the Sacramento education expert brought in by the BHUSD Superintendent in mid 2009, explained to the Board that any savings would be negligible "budget dust." He went on to explain that while the cost of educating a child may be approx. $10,000, the SAVINGS recouped by removing them is not this number because ALL the incremental costs still exist with our without that student in the classroom - the teachers, custodians and administrative staff all still exist, the books already exist, the desks and lighting exist regardless of whether there's a body in the classroom or not. Unless the Board plans to CUT STAFF and CLOSE ONE OF ITS ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS, the costs will remain the same and they will recoup nearly nothing. Finally, the Board bases its projected costs on the mere speculation that the District will enter Basic Aid by 2010 and not bounce in and out of this designation as is expected.

The Board plans to vote permitted children out of the Beverly Hills Unified School District at their January 12th School Board meeting without EVER analyzing the financial data. This is not right.

18. PBCA Voting Member Petition to add Agenda Items

The Voting Members of the PBCA, pursuant to FS 720-3.03 have chosen to use the Petition Process to have items placed on the agenda for the June 29, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting.

The petition is necessitated by the lack of acceptance by the President, of several items requested to be added by The Secretary and Board Member of the PBCA.

19. Permit Parking on Woodridge Road

This is a notice to request Permit parking on Woodridge Road. Lately, the commuters to NYC have been parking on this street and this has made the driving conditions dangerous due to blind spots.

Additionally, the snow ploughs cannot clear the streets with cars parked on narrow streets.

Enclosed is a petition to be circulated to those affected residents.

If you have further questions, please contact Alok Shah ( or Carlos Ramirez (

20. No Permit Parking in Venice, CA

The City of Los Angeles tried to implement an OPD in Venice, CA. Residents appealed this decision to the Coastal Commission.

An OPD or Overnight Parking District is a special permit parking zone regulated by parking enforcement during the hours between 2AM and 6AM. Residents must pay to obtain a permit.

Anyone that needs to use a public street to park a vehicle between 2AM and 6AM is impacted by Overnight Parking Districts.

Low income individuals and families in Venice, CA would be unduly burdened.

21. Drinking Age Lowered By Use of Permit

In the United States, the legal age of majority is eighteen. The day a young man or woman turns eighteen, they are given many responsibilities. They can vote for the country's next president. They can get a tattoo. They can do sentences in jail. They can also chose and even be forced to go to war.

There is only one thing that legal “adults” in the United States cannot do, however, and that is consume alcohol. Alcohol and its consumption are widely integrated into many social aspects of our country, where most social gatherings in the United States are not without the presence of alcohol.

The government labels eighteen year olds as responsible adults, yet tells them they are too irresponsible to be able to consume alcohol. There is however, a better alternative to denying persons under the age of 21 to drink. Educating the young population of the United States through alcohol awareness courses is a workable alternative to the high drinking age.

Teenagers are eligible to receive a learner’s permit to drive at the age of fifteen. In Florida, teenagers at age fifteen can drive at any time, however they must be accompanied with a licensed adult at all times. At age sixteen, teenagers can drive without adults, however their curfew for operating a motor vehicle is at eleven o’ clock. Seventeen year olds are allowed to drive for two hours later than sixteen year olds, and eighteen year old adults have no restrictions. These restrictions were put in place in attempts to teach teenagers to drive instead of throwing them on their faces in the roaring interstates and highways. This would be a great idea for drinkers as well.

Seventeen year olds would drink only with adults, eighteen year olds would have restrictions, nineteen year olds would have fewer restrictions than eighteen year olds while twenty year olds would have even less restriction than nineteen year olds. By the time young men and women are 21 years old, alcohol would not be as taboo, and binge drinking may not be as much of a problem overall.

22. Hey Mayor of Pitman, can we park in your driveway?

*There is currently a new "Municipal Parking Lots" ordinance that will be in effect starting September 1, 2008.

*This ordinance will require Pitman residents who do not have parking at their homes, to purchase a parking permit to park in a public lot. Without purchasing this overnight parking permit for $100 per year, overnight parking in a public lot is prohibited. (For more information please see the flyer or go to

*Parking is difficult already for most residents who reside near the historial Pitman Grove. Most houses do not have driveways for parking to begin with. Some houses only have partially paved alley ways to park in. With these alley ways only partially paved, it makes getting in and out very difficult especially during winter months when it snows.

*We are also not allowed to park infront of our houses between the hours of 2:00 am to 6:00 am without being ticketed. They allow us to "call" our cars in if we do have to park outside. However, if you call too many times you abuse your parking priviledge and they put you on a reject list.

*Pitman recently expanded the baseball field on Lincoln and Cleveland Ave which took away ample parking for Pitman residents. That field is rarely used for anything.

*The ordinance states that even if we buy these $100 parking permits they can not guarantee parking spots. What do we do then? Where do we park? This ordinance is already creating more problems then we presently have.

*Why are the residents near the Grove being penalized because we do not have ample parking like other areas of Pitman? It is not justifiable that the residents who don't have sufficient parking have to pay $100 a year just to park their car.

Please sign the following petition to help us to oppose this ordinance.

23. Support Our Port in Oshawa

“Support Our Port” is committed to a multi-use Oshawa harbour for recreation and industry – bringing the greatest benefits to the city, and the people of Oshawa.

This would include the construction of an ethanol facility in the port of Oshawa to create jobs, support the local economy, and support farmers and the environment.

Producing ethanol in the Oshawa port would use local corn. It would be a source of greener, more environmentally-friendly energy and would inject millions of dollars into the city’s economy through new taxes.

24. Urgent amendments required to Edinburgh's controlled parking zones

Edinburgh City Council has recently been implementing extensions to the Controlled Parking Zones, charging residents and visitors for parking during peak hours.

They claim to have carried out a consultation exercise in preparation for this, and state that the zones were introduced for the benefit of (and after approval from) residents.

Unfortunately, instead of maximising the available space, they have obliterated previously legitimate parking spaces by the introduction of unnecessary yellow lines, and they have also failed to reconsider the obstructive placing of many communal rubbish bins.

The densely populated tenement areas of Edinburgh will, of course, never allow for a space per residence; but at the very least the space available should surely be used to its full advantage.

This petition has been set up by a resident of Zone S4, who has received no direct written response to her four letters sent to the Council on this subject in the past year, and who was expressly told by a Council employee on the telephone that they had received too many letters for them to deal with, and would only take any notice of residents if they formed a 'pressure group' rather than acting individually.

25. Introduce permit parking on Holland Road

May 31, 2006

We want permit parking for each house on Holland road as our road is constantly congested with cars parked from people who park here then go to the station.

The 2 garages up the road park their customers' cars here, the surgerys patients and even people who live streets away.

26. Keep Hazardous Waste Facility out of East Chicago, Indiana

April 19, 2006

Abrade Technologies, Inc. has applied for a permit to operate a hazardous waste facility in East Chicago.

The City Council has voted "no."

The Lake County Waste Management Advisory Board has also voted "no."

Abrade has filed suit against both the City Council and the Lake County Board.

27. Lower the Driving Age to 15 in PA

This Petition encourages the Governor and the Legislature of Pennsylvania to ammend the state driving laws so that on the fifteenth birthday one can get a learner's permit and a junior driver's license after fifty hours of supervised driving.

To: Pennsylvania Legislature and Governor To the Governor and the legislature of Pennsylvania:

Wheras, Pennsylvania is a state with a very responsible teen population,

Wheras , many teen's maturity is not accounted for ,

We the people encourage you the governor and the legislature to use any and all power you possess to change our states driving laws, so that a young person can get a learner's permit on the fifteenth birthday, and a junior driver's license after 50 hours of supervised driving.


The Undersigned

28. Changes To WORK PERMIT LAWS to help the Bangladeshi restaurant industry

The growing problems we are facing in the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is a countrywide dilemma.

Throughout the country, Indian restaurateurs say they are struggling with a staffing crisis. With the younger generation preferring college than work in the restaurant trade, Restaurant owners are looking to their homeland to fill vacancies for chefs and waiters.

Thousands of work visa applications are being blocked by one side of government e.g. the British High Commission in Bangladesh, despite having been given the go ahead by Home Office, Work Permits U.K at a cost of £153 per visa.

As many work permits are refused because David Blunkett strict migration rule on Bangladeshi's placed upon Work Permits U.K to stop Permits being issued without reason. As they are meeting the criteria. I have many cases of this around the country.

The 'Indian' restaurant sector has traditionally been dominated by Bangladeshis and this is still very much evident. For example, of the 9,500 Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants and takeaways in the UK, employing over 72,000 personnel (more than the coal, steel and shipbuilding industries combined) and with an annual turnover of some £2.3 billion, approximately 85% are exclusively owned by Bangladeshis. A recent Labour Force Survey conducted in 1997 discovered that over 60% of male Bangladeshi employees and self-employed worked in the restaurant trade compared to 40% of Chinese but only 2% of Indian and 1% of white males.

We think and believe it to be true there are about 20,000 people short, we cannot understand what the David Blunkett is achieving by stopping people coming when they would contribute to the economy and pay taxes.

The Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is highly concerned is the Sector based scheme, the staff that the restaurants has already employed on the scheme, how does David Blunkett desire to explain to the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry that they will have to provide service with out staff to fill the places of the returning Work Permit Holders.

The Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is anxious and very stressed on the situation. The feel that some law should come in separately for the Sector based Scheme a suggestion made from the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is that the Sector based Scheme permit holders should be able to remain without recourses to public funds and they are not eligible for U.K settlement entitlement on Sector based Scheme but may work as long as they wish. We only see this as the only way to save the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry from this dilemma.

The Full Skilled Work Permit law should be changed to standards that cannot be discriminated against, e.g. a standard that is recognized for Bangladesh as it does not have same specifics to U.K but equivalent, but a standard must be met by David Blunkets that he cannot select at his discretion and choose time of breeding new Work permits.

If the above concerns in question are not a concern for David Blunkett then the scheme in question was not designed to solve restaurant staffing, it was to kill the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry.

29. Keep Cafe Flore a Coffee House

Since 1973 Cafe Flore has been a fixture on the corner of Market and Noe. In our Great city of San Francisco. A wonderful place to go and have coffee, tea, soda and Hot Chocolate. A great place to sit and relax, a place that young adults may go and meet up with friends other then a Bar.

30. Objection to Liquor License Application of CIA in LA

California Institute of Abnormalarts (CIA) is requesting a Conditional Use Permit to permit the sale and dispensing of beer and wine only for on-site consumption, in conjunction with an existing restaurant/cabaret with an occupancy load of 95 patrons and having hours of operation from 8 am to 2 am daily, and alcoholic beverage sales limited to 11 am to 2 am daily.