Riverhead School District/Board of Education
United States of America

After seven (7) years of providing before and aftercare transportaion for school age children residing in Wading River attending Riverhead Schools (Riley Ave) the Superintendent deemed the location of Kiddie Academy Wading River as out of District by 1 1/2 blocks.

The District failed to notify either parents who attended Kiddie Academy or Kiddie Academy of their decision until a new neighbor went to register their child for September busing with the district. We feel the district has not given us ample time to appeal to the district voters, nor the education commissioner to petition for this decision. The district still has not formally notified any parent whose child is affected. We wish to appeal to the district and the board for a hold on their to decision for the school year 2009/2010 to allow for such an appeal and or alternative care and or work schedule.

There is no monetary expense for the district to bus these children to this location as they have to pass the location to provided busing to their homes.

We, the undersigned, call on the Riverhead School District and School Board to hold their decision to eliminate transportation for before/aftercare to Kiddie Academy Wading River, to allow for parents to appeal to the district voters, and or Commissioner of Education for a fair ruling. As well as to find alternative childcare if needed.

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