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Ascension Island is British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic.

In March 2007, following a dispute with Island Councillors over their rights to genuine self-government, the British-appointed governor suspended the democratically-elected Island Council.

As a result of this, the 1,000-plus British Citizens on Ascension are left without a democratic Government.

They now pay taxes but do not have a vote.

They are forbidden from developing the island's economy and creating new jobs.

And they have no right of residence - if they lose their jobs they could be evicted from their homes and deported.

The British Government have made it clear that they do not regard Ascension Island as having any permanent residents - and yet some of the people living there are 3rd generation inhabitants.

In the 21st Century, it is a national and international disgrace that tax-paying British Citizens should live under a de facto dictatorship.

This must stop now.

We, the undersigned, call on the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to restore the Island Council on Ascension Island, recognise its right to levy taxation and control land use, and immediately hold new elections.

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