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The village of Mataria (part of Cairo) was popular among pilgrims from the Holy Land and was considered one of the holy sites and a blessed place. Of all the sites visited by pilgrims after Christianity was declared the religion of the Roman Empire at the beginning of the fourth century, this tree was regarded as the most holy.

It is told that as Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus tried to escape from those pursuing them and the trunk of the sycamore tree miraculously opened its bark where they hid inside, escaping detection. The tree is said to have medicinal properties, which is the reason why its branches are depleted.

Nearby it is believed that a spring of water gushed out of the ground forming a pool where the Virgin Mary bathed Jesus is also said to be part of the miracles of the place because of its healing water. This is now known as the "Well of Mary"

We are petitioning the Ministry of Culture in Egypt to restore this site back to it's original beauty. Pilgrims and tourists have abandoned the site due to the lack of care and maintenance.

Travel agencies and tour guides no longer suggest it to tourists because of the neglect it has received in it's care and upkeep. We at www.MyEgyptTravel.com want to encourage everyone to sign the petition to encourage the Ministry of Culture to bring this cultural/religious/historical site back to life and clean it up. Make the Well clean again! It is a treasured site that needs visitors again.

Let's make Egypt beautiful again!

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