Haringey Council
United Kingdom

Poor little blue eyed baby p suffered his short life of 17months full of abuse and torture, he suffered from multiple bruising to the face and body his finger tips missing, and his fingernails & toenail pulled off, he suffered a broken back an nine fractured ribs,a severe mouth injury and a ripped ear.

Baby p was on the child protection register and although this he spent most of his life as a punch bag.
Despite 60 visits from Haringey Social Services baby p was found dead in his cot that was splattered with his own blood.

We will fight and send this petition to Children's Rights and campaigners to fight to get Haringey Council and Children's Minister to be sacked and investigated for who is responsible for this pathetic management that children are "protected" by. THINGS NEED TO CHANGE, HELP US TODAY.

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