Scenic Rim, Queensland

We saw this happen recently in the federal election. Australia voted. A new prime minister was voted in, then his own party threw him out without consideration of the people who voted for him.

It is not about who is the prime minister but rather the process. If we the general population do not vote we are fined as it is illegal not to vote in Australia. Why should we pay a fine when our vote does not count?

This has happened again in The Scenic Rim mayoral election. The people voted and we had a clear winner and then preferences reset the election and we are given a Mayor that had the nouse to conspire with other candidates to gain preference. So once again the people's vote does not count. Why do we bother?

This petition is to tell the government that we want the people's vote to count first and foremost.

We call on the Electoral Commission of Australia to change its laws and make the people's vote count first and foremost.

If a preference or party dispute can change an election outcome then voters should not be required to vote in any election where these unfair rules prevail.

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The Respect the People's Vote first and foremost! petition to Scenic Rim, Queensland was written by Mary Keys and is in the category Government at GoPetition.