Members of Congress
United States of America

July 8, 2006

Since the United States Supreme Court decision from the Hamden Vs. Rumsfeld suit appeal affirmed that international treaties are indeed applicable to the current international conflicts that the United States has embroiled itself in, no call for an investigation into who is responsible for an apparent breach of US and International law has been made.

See: http://www.supremecourtus.gov/opinions/05pdf/05-184.pdf

This petition is written in the form of a resolution and will be delivered to Members of Congress, Federal Judges and law enforcement Officers who may have jurisdiction over these matters.

Spetember 17th was chosen because it is the anniversary of the signing of the constitution.

WHEREAS: The United States Supreme Court has affirmed in the Hamden Vs. Rumsfeld decision that The Geneva Conventions Apply to our current international conflicts.

WHEREAS: Alberto Gonzalas was the White House Counsel when that office considered the applicability of The Geneva Conventions and found them "obsolete" and "qauint."

WHEREAS: John Ashcroft was the Attorney General when the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel was consulted by the White House Counsel in the matter of the applicability of Geneva and supported the White House position over the objections of the State Department.

WHEREAS: Donald Rumsfeld in his capacity as Secretary of Defense Infused a systemic culture of torture into his areas of official responsibility, effectively implementing the use of torture and other violations of Geneva Section 3, as the preferred method of obtaining intelligence.

WHEREAS: George Tenet in his capacity as Director, CIA, implemented or continued the illegal practice of Extra-ordinary Rendition and agents of the agency are indicted in the Italian Courts in connection with this practice.

WHEREAS: The implementation of this policy in 2 cabinet level departments of the government is evidence that this policy was ordered by the President.

WHEREAS: Congress has already seen 3 1/2 hours of Photographic and video torture evidence from Abu Ghraib prison, including evidence of torture induced death of detainees.

WHEREAS: Congress has made no move to inquire into the felonious behavior of the Executive Branch even though they have already seen a perponderance of evidence.

WHEREAS: Congress has discussed ignoring this breach of U.S. and International law, further discussing drafting legislation to enable similar behavior in the future.

WHEREAS: The damage to the international reputation of the United States is severe and will be long lasting.

WHEREAS: The international impact of these practices can be somewhat mitigated if the citizens of the United States hold the administration accountable and affirm we are indeed a nation of law.

THEREFORE: Be it resolved by we the undersigned do hereby demand a Special Grand Jury comprised of ordinary citizens, with unfettered investigatory powers be immediately empanneled in a court of appropriate jurisdiction for the purposes of the investigation of this and other matters of felonious behavior within the government as may be brought to thier attention.

Be it further resolved that if this Grand Jury is not empanneled by September 17, 2006, that the undersigned are prepared to gather, as is our Constitutionally defined right, as best we can, in a nationwide protest demanding redress.

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