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The Prime Minister of Her Majesties Government UK
United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom Classic Cars were exempt road tax after reaching 25 years age but that privilege for keepers of cars made after 1973 was revoked which operates unjustly on the keepers of cars made after that date who are obliged to pay the full vehicle excise duty for classic cars that do not cover many miles on public roads each year.

That is a punitive tax the government is asked to review and remove from vehicle keepers who by keeping classic vehicles provide a service to the community by preserving historic cars for its enjoyment.

Typically many owners of such cars will themselves be veterans unable to pay with ease full road tax for a car that is hardly ever driven on roads but required to display a fully paid Vehicle Excise Licence when on the road whereas those made before 1973 do not. That is an injustice that should be put right.

We petition her Majesties’ Government to consider rescinding the requirement for keepers of vintage (25 year old) vehicles made after 1973 to display fully paid vehicle excise licenses for which those made before 1973 are exempt though later vintage vehicles also spend very little time on roads thus are unfairly fully taxed just as those that are in daily use are.

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