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Sign this petition to Rescind Richard's Article 15 and Defer All present Article 15s at Fort Bliss until investigated.  Help stop Army commander's from using the Article 15 as a weapon of destruction. Families are worried for their Soldiers in the US Army.  They are afraid that their volunteer loved ones are in danger from commanders misusing the Article 15 unjustly as a weapon to destroy.  The UCMJ gives commanders the authority to impose nonjudicial punishment, described in the UCMJ under Article 15, an essential tool in maintaining discipline by restitution and rehabilitation in order to restore the Soldier to duty.  When the Article 15 is used as a weapon to destroy a Soldier it is unlawful.
Richard Halliday's Article 15 was unjust and unlawful.  Rescind Richard's Article 15 and defer all present Article 15s at Fort Bliss until investigated.  

In Christian terms, consequence, also known as restitution, serves to redeem the individual (justification), to render wrong deeds paid and erased, and to restore an individual to their rightful duty. It holds fast that which is good and renders to no one evil for evil, it honors all persons. In Richard's case consequence/restitution served to punish and break down the spirit of an individual. It has disrespected and robbed him of the dignity and honor of his best intentions.

Our 18 year old son and your volunteer Soldier, Richard Halliday, joined the Army with the BEST intentions. Richard worked hard. He was number one in Basic Training, $500 awarded and an AAM.  He was number one in Advanced Individual Training, awarded a second AAM. He scored 300+ on his PT tests. He completed Combat Lifesaver. He performed outstandingly on his equipment, awarded a third AAM. He was promoted before his peers with waivers. He was the fastest runner in his unit and carried their Guide-On. His leaders clearly did not have the BEST intentions and Richard was destroyed.

As Richard’s only advocates, Team FindRichardHalliday, we entreat and request that the Article 15 served to Richard be immediately rescinded and Richard be restored and compensated for this cruel abuse of power used against him. This Field Grade Article 15 was unjust, unlawful, and fraught with panic, thoughtlessness, and oppressive punishment for these two “patterns of misconduct”:
1. underage drinking (20 yrs old) with a 0.04 BAC – allowable 0.00 (0.08 BAC is considered drunk)
2. disobeying a Battery Commander's order to shelter in place. The order was given 27 March 2020 at 2100 hours the evening the Battery returned from the field and after Day Zero recovery was completed. The order was given to the acting 1SGT to pass on to the Platoon Sergeants to give to the Soldiers. The next morning Richard took a drive by himself off Fort Bliss and was destroyed for it.

For Richard, this maximum AR 15 punishment destroyed him. Demoted the three ranks he worked hard for, 45 days extra duty until 23:59; wearing a mask for endless hours; outside in temperatures that exceeded 90 degrees. Sources have told us that he “worked like a dog”, called POS and worse, and at the end would have to be dragged out of bed. At best - inhumane and in violation of an individual’s human rights. That coupled with 45 days of restriction and a 50% reduction in pay for two months.

The intent of an Article 15 is non-judicial punishment, as a means of providing restitution. Richard's Article 15, as administered, was not restorative and certainly not part of a rehabilitation plan. It was deployed on a volunteer Soldier to strike fear in all witnesses, an act of tyrannical power. It was cruel and abusive. Again, it was used as a weapon to destroy him and not as a tool for rehabilitation and restoration. The Article 15 administered to Richard was a political maneuver to make an example out of him. Why? For what?  We have answers.

How can this illegitimate authority be allowed to continue and become pervasive to be exerted on junior enlisted Soldiers? It must cease. How can we continue to allow this injustice to rule over and ruin the lives of our volunteer Soldiers and their Families? We request all Articles 15 on Fort Bliss be immediately deferred until a faithful team can investigate each case to make sure they are being used for their rightful purpose, rehabilitation and restoration. The US Army owes Richard restitution. We request Richard's unjust Article 15 be rescinded immediately. How can leaders who are aware that this use of tyrannical power be silent? How can any of us be silent? There can be no "Army Strong" with this going on.

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