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The intent of an Article 15 is non-judicial punishment, as a means of providing restitution and rehabilitation in order to restore the soldier to duty:

“Within the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) is a provision for punishing misconduct through judicial proceedings like a court-martial. The UCMJ also gives commanders the authority to impose nonjudicial punishment, described in the UCMJ under Article 15. Article 15 provides commanders an essential tool in maintaining discipline. The Article allows commanders to impose punishment for relatively minor infractions. Only commanders may impose punishment under Article 15. A commander is any warrant officer or commissioned officer that is in command of a unit and has been given authority under AR 600-20, either orally or in writing, to administer nonjudicial punishment...Article 15s come in different levels: Summarized, Company Grade and Field Grade. They differ in two main respects: the severity of the punishment and in how the record of it can affect a soldier’s future in the Army”. (Army Study Guide Website)

Not only should it be considered unlawful to issue a “Shelter in Place” order for a “virus” with a greater than 99% survival rate for the average military aged soldier, but soldiers have been put in danger of commanders misusing the Article 15 unjustly as a weapon to destroy. There is evidence that hazing, bullying, sexual assault, and other vices were being committed in barracks around the country, and disfavored and/or questioning soldiers (many in their early 20s) were at the mercy of corrupt and toxic leadership who used Article 15s to abuse and destroy the careers of our volunteer sons and daughters.

Please sign this petition to put a stop to this injustice and abuse of power, and motivate an investigation into the Article 15s administered during the “Shelter in Place” and “Work Safe Stay Home” orders.

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