Ragiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Students who failed in the 1st year MBBS examination (June-July) at their first attempt are allowed to appear for an exam in the month of December. Those who pass in this exam, will be considered in an ODD BATCH for the next 4 years (A batch of few students who are most likely neglected). This will affect their career tremendously in this noble profession.

They are not allowed to attend classes and hence will lose 6 months of Training. As per the rules of MCI, a student has to undergo teaching and training for 18 months to appear for the 2nd year examination. Hence this was done to prepare the student for the 2nd year examination.

Since the batch of 2014 was the first one to have digital evaluation, due to some issues the results were announced late (9th October, 2015) hence it is advisable to implement a new supplementary system like any other medical universities (Kasturba Medical College, Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Andhra Pradesh NTR Medical University, etc.) which can allow students to join the regular batch. As per MCI rules, Supplementary exam can be conducted and reports say that they are reducing teaching staff from next year. So we need this implemented from the Batch of 2014 itself as students will be lagging behind by 3 months i.e., from mid-October to mid-January (around 60-70 working days). Special classes can be taken only in the 2nd year and can continue with the regular batch later, instead of keeping these students in this additional batch for all the years.

This will provide a better atmosphere for the students to successfully complete this long course of MBBS and enter PG Course much earlier than expected.

One should keep in mind that the main goal is to prepare students to study medicine effectively. One should love to learn and not feel it like a burden.

We, the undersigned, request the RGUHS to start a new supplementary system like any other medical universities and provide justice to students. This system will allow students of ODD batch to join the regular batch, there by providing them to learn more effectively and hence will offer a better career in future.

Assistance must be provided to these beginners of medicine keeping in mind that the student has to go through alot of trauma as one exam cannot be considered to judge a student's capability. This will ruin their career.

Giving more importance to the marks obtained in an examination will lead to more malpractices. Hence this change is very much mandatory in the field of Medicine.

Within this one year, there has been alot of productive changes seen to protect from malpractices. But this initiative will help many students to have healthy way to learn and will give more hope to succeed. Proper action needs to be taken against this issue such that students concentrate more on learning and not on marks.

RGUHS being considered as one of the top universities should definitely seek to this matter as soon as possible to offer the best medical education in India.

Hoping that necessary changes will be made at the earliest, leaving this petition to the hon'ble Vice - Chancellor of Ragiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Dr. K. S. Ravindranath.

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