#Neighborhood Living
Donalda Village Council

The Village of Donalda has had an unenforceable by law blylaw as to the limit on the number of dogs per household and is now wanting to legally implement a 2 dog per household bylaw.

The problem is a number of residents in our Village of 250 people have more than 2 dogs. Some of us moved from other cities where there are no limitations or a 3 dog limit.

Other members have inherited dogs through the death of a family member or are temporarily looking after them for family members who are renting and can not have a dog where they reside.

We would like for Village Council to at least Grandfather the number of dogs clause as our pets to many are our children or at least considered members of the family.

We, the undersigned, call on Village of Donalda Council to reconsider the 2 dog law and grandfather the bylaw for existing residents and accept requests from residents who move in with more than 2 dogs to approach council for a Special Licencing Allowance.

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