National Football League Commissioner and Owners
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Donald Trump has expressed disapproval for two of the dates for the national debates, because they will coincide with two NFL games. He claims the system is rigged against him due to conflicts for viewers; the possibility exists that he is already forming an excuse to back out of participating in those debates.

The independent committee that selected these dates is unlikely to make changes to the schedule; the best course of action would be to request that the NFL take the action of re-scheduling these games at different timeslots or different days. The networks would likely agree to such changes; back-to-back big events create more ratings compared to events that compete for viewership. “Tuesday Night Football” night would be just as lucrative and widely viewed.

By hinting at this now, it is conceivable that Trump will not use this to form an actual excuse for a refusal until much later on the calendar, when making any changes would be a far more difficult endeavor. Let us at least do all we can to remove this option as soon as it is feasible.

- IF you're a LIBERAL, support this petition to prevent Trump from using this as justification for a possible boycott before a deadline can be set in stone.
- IF you're a CONSERVATIVE, support this petition in order for Trump to receive the widest potential audience, have the most forums to set his record straight against Hillary, and to not allow him to be stifled by the biased media.

Commissioner Roger Goodell & NFL Owners,

We, the undersigned, call on the NFL to attempt with the major television networks to reschedule the Atlanta/New Orleans game set for September 26th, and the Green Bay/New York game set for October 9th, in order to prevent their possible conflicts (both politically and in terms of audience viewership) with two of the national debates for the Presidency in 2016.

The removal of such possible conflicts can only benefit the NFL and the major television networks by eliminating competition against NFL viewership, and by spreading out the number of large rating events to be watched for the networks.

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