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In 2007 my son was born. We were given only one scan at 11 weeks. Although I asked for another scan we were told no. My son was born with an extremely rare CHD called Hypo-plastic left heart. He went through so much that could have been avoided if only we had had another scan later on in my pregnancy. His body went into complete shut down because we had no idea about his heart condition.

In 2004 it was advised that all pregnant mothers in Scotland should be routinely offered two ultrasound scans before they are 24 weeks but obviously this advice was never taken into account. A quote from the NHS website states the following:

"Following an extensive review of the evidence on the use of ultrasound scanning in pregnancy, NHS QIS advises that a second (‘anomaly’) scan should be offered to women during their second trimester, at between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy. This scan can identify certain defects in the fetus, including problems with the heart and spina bifida."

This quote and the whole article can be found at

Suitable written information should be available for pregnant women in time for each woman to consider it and discuss it with a health professional before attending an ultrasound appointment. This information should clearly describe the conditions that can and cannot be detected by ultrasound, the chances of accurately detecting these conditions and the risks associated with follow-up procedures.

Please sign our petition! The goverment need to start spending money on the NHS and this is a vital part that is being neglected! These babies are our future!! Lets take care of them!

We, the undersigned, call on the NHS and The Scottish Parliament to offer two routine scans to all pregnant mothers in Scotland. Two scans should be offered before 24 weeks.

A dating scan and a second trimester anomaly scan should be offered to all expectant mothers.

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