#Children's Rights
Geraldine Thompson
United States of America

On March 24, 2022, at approximately 11:15 p.m., local authorities and news outlets reported that a 14-year-old male fell from a 400-foot amusement ride. Sadly, the youth passed at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital, located in Orlando, Florida.

Tyre Sampson was reported by local news outlets as a beloved son, family member, student, and teammate visiting Orlando with family. Tyre was a resident of St. Louis, Missouri. His passing has affected young and old, and it is our recommendation as Orange County residents, parents, grandparents, and a community of concerned citizens to seek Safety Reforms.

We, the residents of Orange County, U.S., and abroad are seeking IMMEDIATE ACTIONS in regards to the death of Tyre Sampson.

We need to ensure that no one will ever suffer a loss of life due to malfunctions, safety procedures, employee training, or lack of, at any of our tourist districts, namely; ICON PARK.

We are imploring the CEO of Slingshot Group; Ritchie Armstrong, to consider and expedite the REMOVAL and REPLACEMENT of the ICON Park Free Fall Ride, located at 8375 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819.

We have reached out to lawmakers; state and county leaders to RECOMMEND and ENSURE that the ICON FREE FALL RIDE is permanently closed and REPLACED with a "Kid Friendly" amusement ride "In Memory Of Tyre Sampson."
Though there is an extensive investigation ongoing, the idea of this death trap to maintain its structural placement is heartbreaking and beyond what we are able to bear.
Thankfully, Senators; Bracy and Geraldine Thompson are maintaining a transparent approach and seek to right a horrible wrong. Commissioner Fried has appointed the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to investigate the horrific tragedy.
We want also to see a Bill passed and named after "Tyre Sampson." A Bill promoting upgraded Safety protocols regarding amusement park rides, better employee training, and contingencies in place in case of a malfunctioning that may cause serious injury or death.


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