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White House, Kayden's Law Sponsors, state legislators
United States of America

Kayden's Law is section XV of the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act of 2022 (VAWA). The concern that the VAWA places on protecting children and victims of violence is both praiseworthy & necessary to prevent tragic cases such as the murder of Kayden Mancuso. However, Kayden's Law is so extensively inaccurate and xenophobic in its portrayal of parental alienation (PA) that it needs to be removed or repealed. It was cleverly written to undermine almost all testimony regarding PA without ever saying the words “parental alienation”. Nevertheless, its anti-PA sentiment (which is based upon inaccurate & false information) is pervasive. It will ultimately harm the children that this law is meant to protect.
The excerpts from the law on our website (repealkaydenslaw.com) demonstrate its intention to discredit and exclude the admissibility of parental alienation in custody cases, to preclude parental alienation experts from expert witness status, and to prevent court officials from receiving training in the science of parental alienation. In order to truly protect children from all types of physical and emotional abuse including parental alienation, Kayden's Law needs to be removed from the VAWA.
A consortium of parental alienation experts created a brief (https://bit.ly/3ysWg23) to explain the background of this law, the misrepresentations about parental alienation that are found in Kayden's Law and the harm that this law will cause. This bill will only serve to further harm the hundreds of thousands of children who are the victims of domestic and family violence throughout the United States. The reality of parental alienation as a form of child abuse has been proven in hundreds of scientific studies, qualitative and quantitative research, and in articles in countless peer-reviewed journals. Those who created this bill have no science to support their biased and harmful contentions.
We respectfully request that you ask for section XV to be removed so that parental alienation is not dismissed as “unsound science” which it most definitely is not. Parental alienation is not violence against women. It is violence against children, and it is non-gender specific. Thank you for your support.

We, the undersigned, call upon the President and Congress to amend or repeal Kayden's law to reflect accurate and transparent scientifically sound research on parental alienation and domestic violence. We also call upon state lawmakers to prevent Kayden's Law from being law in their states.

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