Individuals, Friends of Otty Fatha, Makadara Soccer Clubs and Academies

Since 1980 Jericho Soccer Grounds has brought lots of joy to many people by the sheer number of great matches, spectacular players who had passion for the game and who came from far and wide to grace the fields. They left many fans and supporters yearning for more.

A Sunday morning was never complete before a mouth watering match was witnessed on the hallowed grounds of Jericho fields.

One man who made it all possible was none other that Leonard Otieno Omar better known as Otty Fatha. He singlehandedly dedicated and volunteered his time to organize friendly matches, tournaments and other competitions.

He begun a "Jericho tradition", where every morning between 8.30am - 12pm the youth would converge at the ground for a round of training from Tuesday to Friday. And the games remain as competitive as ever.

To date, thousands can attest to his greatness. He opened opportunities for many to play soccer abroad professionally, in the Kenyan premier league (then Super league) and other local clubs. Many others acquired scholarships to play and study abroad. Others secured employment opportunities in companies that supported sports. Such was his zeal.

His ability to charm both friends and foes was unmatched. His easy going nature endured him to many many people. And they loved him. They called him "Fatha" because he treated all like a father would treat his children.

We, the undersigned, being current and former residents of Makadara, together with friends, current soccer academies and clubs from Makadara Constituency call upon the Constituency Development Funds Committee to rename the soccer grounds under renovation as - OTTY FATHA MEMORIAL STADIUM.

We request to also honor the many football stars from Makadara who graced those field in their heydays with framed pictures in the newly constructed dressing rooms.

Let's keep the fire burning - for the future of all children of Makadara.

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