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The International Astronomical Union, Russian space agency, NASA

We submit that The International Astronomical Union and the lawmakers whomsoever concerned, rename the ‘Canis Major’ constellation to ‘Laika’, on grounds of raising awareness and importance of the first spaceflight by a living creature.

Laika, the first Earthling who made it to space on 3rd November 1957 made way for later human ventures and travels to space. Although the ill fated dog didn’t survive the trip long after reaching the low earth orbit, it definitely proved that space travel was for real and whatever technologies and possibilities were achieved from the first human flight, the numerous Apollo missions to the moon and the historic creation of space stations such as Mir or I.S.S has only been possible because the mutt was the pioneer in it. Also whatever future missions we undertake including the ambitious space programme of the human martian travel owes a lot to ‘Laika’, the first cosmonaut.

Canis Major being the constellation which appears to be like a dog, also having the brightest star Sirius (dog star) in it, sounds more like a scientific name. Why don’t we rename it to Laika, the first space dog who made history and for generations to come she would be remembered by all. Let’s not let her name go into oblivion.

Lastly, we the undersigned, assert that renaming Canis Major to Laika will promote science and education throughout the ages. Remembering the dog every night when we look up to the sky.


We the undersigned humbly request The International Astronomical Union, Russian space agency and NASA to rename the constellation ‘Canis Major’ to ‘Laika’ , as a tribute to the first space traveller and in memory of the little being.

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