Metro Transit Halifax Regional Municipality

Metro Transit bus drivers are wearing jackets emblazoned with American flags. The lay out of the Canadian flag on the uniform is NOT according to Canadian flag etiquette.

The American flag appearing on HRM Metro Transit bus drivers' uniforms has it's staff on the bottom right, and appears on the viewer's 'left' side, with the Canadian flag staff on the bottom left, and the Canadian flag appearing on the viewer's 'right' side.

It is claimed by Metro Transit personelle that they are in partnership with an American entity that requires them to wear this FOREIGN country's flag. The layout of these flags depicts the National flag of Canada as being subordinate to the US flag.

No FOREIGN flag should appear on ANY public employees' uniform, but only the CANADIAN MAPLE LEAF FLAG.

We, the undersigned, call on the Halifax Regional Municipality and INCLUDING Metro Transit to PERMANENTLY REMOVE ALL American flags, symbols, and American representations FROM ALL Metro Transit Bus Drivers' Uniforms IMMEDIATELY and with out debate.

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