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The most dangerous intersection at the James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital and the University of South Florida (USF) Campuses and the iQ Luxury Student Apartments is at Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (BBD- a Hillsborough County Highway) and Richard Silver Way (on the VA Hospital Campus). There are no traffic signals, no pedestrian crosswalks with signals across BBD, no turning lanes and no modern street lights at this intersection.

Richard Silver Way is the main entrance/exit to the Tampa Veterans' Hospital and across the highway is the entrance/exit to the USF Shimberg Health Sciences Library staff/visitor parking lot. Adjacent to the Tampa Veterans' Hospital is the iQ Luxury Student Apartments. iQ reportedly has at least 540 parking spaces.

Update: Barriers were set up at the Richard Silver Way entrance / exit on 19 December 2017 reportedly due to upcoming VA Hospital construction and major safety issues involving pedestrians and vehicles. In January 2018 Richard Silver Way was under construction and being widened. About March 2018 the main entrance / exit was re-opened except for the exit left turn which is blocked

Urgently needed now are traffic signals, pedestrian crosswalks with signals, turning lanes and modern street lights at this very dangerous intersection.

On going construction at the Tampa Veterans' Hospital Campus includes the second Fisher House and a forthcoming new bed tower which will have 96 medical surgical single patient rooms and 40 intensive care beds. Reportedly, an existing pedestrian bridge between Veterans’ Hospital and the University of South Florida will be partially demolished and reconfigured to provide a new connection to the bed tower and passage to the main Veterans’ hospital building.

This new construction will greatly increase the need for a modern and safe main entrance / exit to the Tampa Veterans' Hospital. You can help to modernize this intersection by signing this free petition, anonymously if you like.

Approximately 50,608 vehicles enter this intersection on an average week day. That is, about 75,000 persons pass through this intersection on an average week day. Highway and road improvements are greatly needed at this dangerous intersection.

USF students living in those luxury apartments are still crossing that very dangerous intersection multiple times a day by walking, running and skateboarding.

If you are a patient, family member of a patient or an employee at JAHVAH or a student, parent of a student or a professor/employee at USF, you are urged to sign this GoPetition anonymously or by name and ask your elected representatives to do the same. And if you just drive through this intersection on a daily basis, please sign the GoPetition. You may also comment on the GoPetition. Also, please post this GoPetition on your social media sites..

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the US Department of Veterans' Affairs, University of South Florida, Hillsborough MPO Metropolitan Planning for Transportation, Hillsborough County Government, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHA - Special Grants) to take action to have traffic signals installed at the highway intersection of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Richard Silver Way (JAHVAH Main Entrance/Exit) and the Entrance/Exit to the USF Shimberg Health Sciences Library Staff/Visitor parking lot in Tampa, Florida.

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