Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
South Africa

Fees Must fall started as a student led protest movement that began in mid October 2015 in response to an increase in fees at South African universities

on 19 October 2015 students started blocking access to and from Campuses all over South Africa in the aims of having a no fee increase. This went on until January in 2016 which put a stop to most academic activities.

NMMU has experienced strikes during the time 22 August 2016 till 26 August for Fees must fall. As a student of the university I know the stress it puts on students when you not sure whats happening or when you can go back to class. And that's why we calling on you to help us get back into the class rooms during these times.

Majority of students get disrupted during exams by protests for "free quality education".

The aim of the petition is to have these students removed during exam periods if the are interrupting the exams or refusing access to and from campus.

As a student these strikes put unnecessary stress onto us and lecturers. We don't mind them striking as long as they do not negatively impact the rest of the students.

Image Credits: Myron Rabionwitz, George Herald

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