Hendry County School Board
United States of America

We, the taxpayers of Hendry County, hereby, request that Ms. Denise Brookins be removed as a School Bus Driver with the Hendry County School System. Ms. Brookins in the past 2 months has left a 9 year old child on the bus from 6:30am till 1:30pm. Ms. Brookins has allowed a student to get off at the wrong bus stop to beat up a child. She claims that the child snuck by her. She then asked the kids still on bus what was going on and they told her and she made no attempt to correct her mistake by returning to the bus stop and picking up the child. The students have said during last year that Ms. Brookins, when the students get unrurly on the bus, she just slams on the brakes and almost got hit 3 times last year by a Semi-Rig.

We the taxpayers believe that Ms. Brookins is going through burnout and needs to be removed before she seriously causes one of our children to be tragically injured.

We, The Taxpayers and Parents, of Hendry County hereby request the removal of Ms. Denise Brookins from the position of School Bus Driver withthe Hendry County School Board.

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