Rossford Schools Board of Education
United States of America

While riding the rossford school bus in ohio, driven by Dwayne Lau Jr., students have been constantly treated unfairly by him.

He deals with trouble an incredibly wrong way, in doing such things like calling the students names, making fun of them, and even targeting specific students the whole ride, instead of all of his students.

Examples of his unethical behavior is agreeing with one student to kill himself, accusing another student of being gay (and tormenting him about that), calling another student vulgar names, for example "f****** retard".

Aside from being unfair, he also is a bad choice for a person in charge of driving many students, holding their lives in his hand. Everyday, he comes on, looking drunk, hung-over, high, and just completely out of it. His music taste has nothing to do with driving the bus, but its completely different if he makes the students on the bus listen to it to.

I bring this up, because on one occasion, he made the bus listen to a band called "Cannible Corpse", in which the lyrics were very vulgar. This band has a history of singing about rape, molestation, and violence, and should NOT be played to students this young.

In conclusion, Dwayne Lau Jr., is a unfair, unfit busdriver, and should be immediately fired.

I ask the Rossford Schools Board of Education to immediatly fire Dwayne Lau Jr. from driving school busses to and from Rossford Schools.

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