Great Neck Grove Condo Association
United States of America

We are seeking the removal of Management Alternatives as the acting property manager for Great Neck Grove Condo Association.

According to Laura's simplified contract she can be fired with or without case so long as she receives 90 days notice. The request for firing of Management Alternatives comes from many complaints within the community. Issues that are emailed to Laura rarely get a response via email, even when asking for a reply. When responses are made and several issues were asked, usually only one or two of the issues are answered.

When I asked for a physical copy of the termite contract I received a copy of the bill and was told this is all we have. I have since learned there is a master copy with Terminex. There is no physical office for obtaining paperwork and to see someone in person. Emails and letters sent to Laura rarely if ever make it to the monthly board meetings to be discused.

I personally sent an letter about light sensors over a year ago, the board had no idea because Laura never brought the letter in. To this day I still have not received an answer, and the letter was sent in with the monthly payment. The reserves are completely and utterly inadequate and well below guidelines from the 2001 reserve study. While Laura may be fairly low priced, we need a strong and able property manager to set our Condo Association back into the right direction.

This petition is to be brought to the monthly meeting to have the board be aware of what the community wants to see happen with our current management.

We, the undersigned, are in favor and and asking the board to fire Management Alternatives as the property manager for our complex for the better of the community and have her replaced with another company through the bid process which is stated in the by-laws.

Thank You for your time and consideration.

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