New Zealand Knights Football Club.
New Zealand

February 26, 2006

The New Zealand Knights dismal on field performances are not only put down to players, but to people who sit in positions of power.

John Adshead, Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara have ultimately destroyed the New Zealand Knights as a footballing franchise. Not adherring to promoting the chances for New Zealand players to play in the A-League, yet choosing to pick 14 of the 20 squad members from overseas, which is too much for a New Zealand based club.

Lee and O'Hara should not be at the club as it is obvious they have no experience in running a football club, and they both hail from backgrounds completely irrelevant to help run a successful football club.

Adshead's managerial performance of 1 win, 3 draws and 17 losses in the inaugural A-League season was disasterous to say the least, and I (as a football fan), as well as many others believe it is in the best interests of the club that John Adshead, as well as Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara should be removed from the New Zealand Knights Football Club in order to send our club forward, rather than continue in a downward spiral destined for failure.

The damage done on and off field to the New Zealand Knights calls for immediate removal of the aforementioned people in positions of power at the club. John Adshead, Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara have not sent our club in the right direction and it is time for their removal from the club in order to change our fortunes in the A-League.

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