#Gender Rights and Issues
President Barack Obama, Senate, House of Representatives

It has become apparent that many legislators in various states across the USA are not allowing women to make private and intimate choices about their own bodies. This includes toying with the idea of state sanctioned rape, mandatory ultrasounds, and even equivocating women to cows and hogs on a farm.

One legislator has gone as far to say that being raped is equal to having a flat tire on your car.


We, the undersigned, petition the Senate, House of Representatives and President Barack Obama to overturn legislation that dehumanises women and infringes on their rights to bodily integrity and privacy.

We believe that there is no purpose in legislating the private affairs of a woman's body, regardless of age, race, creed or sexual orientation and circumstances.

Such legislation is not a fair representation of women's interests. Women, as citizens, deserve better protection under the law than any entities that are not [yet] citizens, be it foetal or corporate.

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