Fédération Internationale de Football Association a.k.a FIFA

Supporters that watched the soccer match between Morocco and Portugal witnessed a lot of injustice during the match. At least two penalties.

1. The headduell between Khalid Boutaib and José Fonte.

2. The strugglingduell between Noureddine Amrabat and Raphaël Guerreiro.

3. The soccerball hitting Pepe’s hand

Then we have a lot of situations that show how pathetic some players behave on the field.

1. Pepe’s disgraceful acting when Medhi Benatia claps him on the back. The 90th minute.

2. Ronaldo acting when Amrabat comes to take the ball from him. Barely touches him which makes Ronaldo “fall down” and also making the VAR-sign which if you follow FIFAS rules is a yellow card. But Ronaldo is not getting it. This at the 84th minute of the game.

Hear is a video of both Christianos and Pepe’s behavior: https://www.fotbollskanalen.se/vm-2018/tv-har-filmar-bade-ronaldo-och-pepe-samsta-i-vm-historien/

Some clear situations actually required the VAR technology which the referee refused using. Looking back at a lot of footage we know that Morocco was robbed by so much during this match.

The signers of this petition request that the match between Morocco and Portugal is being rematched. Hence the obvious errors of the match.

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