South Africa

Although not allowed, Bryce Lawrence refereed a game with bias. His calls, led to the outcome of Australia (his native team) being in final. His father is also an official in IRB so he is beyond reproach. S.A. had 70 percent possession of the ball and still lost on bias and prejudice calls. Any one with knowledge of the sport knows and see s clearly that this was unsporting, and cheating.

Rugby has remained among only few sports with honor, and code, allowing this game to stand goes against this. although never been done, we believe extenuating circumstances call for this first time, since you started off illegally with a bias ref and finished it by standing by idle and letting this disgrace of a game stand. its a world cup semi final, done every 4 yrs, surely due to that alone, leeway should be given.

We the undersigned call on the IRB to issue a rematch between Australia and South Africa for the semi final position in the world cup rugby tournament.

The game was reffed under bias conditions and clear prejudice. As this tournament is held only every 4 yrs, it should be given the extenuating circumstances consideration.

Honor and code of ethics make rugby what it is, a clean and moral game of gentlemen. Ensure it remains so and sign this petition for the fair chance south Africa should have been given.

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