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US Commission on Civil Rights
United States of America

December 17, 2005

An American Hindu family living in a rural Village in Western New York State is appealing a Court Injunction banning their Family Cow.

The Village allows a Commercial Beef farm to operate across the Street from the family's home.

The Local Courts have reufused to address the First Amendment issues, saying the case has nothing to do with Religion. The Judge did not give the family a chance to testify at their trial.

The family wants to keep a cow and her calf on their 14 1/2 acre Village property in order to demonstrate humane and responsible care of cows and to promote vegetarianism, sustainable agriculture and locally grown food as the first steps towards a socially responsible diet.

They advocate Ahimsa (non-violence) and work to promote peace, gratitude and mercy in human society; all of which are symbolized by the cow in their religion.

Although the practice of protecting cows is unique to Hinduism, the principles of responsible and humane treatment of cows represents the Free Speech interests of a broad spectrum of Americans concerned with animal rights, vegetarianism, sustainable agriculture and nonviolence, (Ahimsa).

The Village of Angelica does not forbid farm animals and other residents keep cows, goats, sheep and chickens for commercial purposes and as pets.

Please sign the petition to the US Commission on Civil Rights and let them know the US Courts should give serious consideration to cases involving Free Speech and Religious Expression.

We, the undersigned, are upset to learn that a Hindu family residing in rural Western NY State has been denied a fair trial, and their right to Due Process when they raised a First Amendment claim to keep cows on their own property for religious purposes.

We petition the Commission to uphold the American values of religious tolerance and cultural diversity by ensuring that the Courts address the First Amendment issues raised in this case.

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