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Since June 2007, every single Linkin Park live performance has been recorded and mixed by the bands engineers. Fan's have been able to buy these recordings which are uploaded online a few days after the show. These recordings have been a huge hit with the fans.

In October 2007, Linkin Park toured Australia and New Zealand. Eagerly fans rushed to the merchandise booth to buy the recordings, but were disappointed when they were unable to purchase them. We at LPLive.net now know that these shows were recorded, but it is believed there was issues with the distributors that prevented the release of these shows.

Dear Warner Music,

We the undersigned wish to petition you for the release of the live recordings of the 2007 Australia/New Zealand Linkin Park tour.

We believe that it is unfair for the US/Europe/Asia to have the opportunity to purchase and listen to recordings of their live shows, whilst Australia/New Zealand don't. We understand that there may be some concern about the live shows affecting album sales, therefore we would be willing to purchase these shows off Linkin Park's website for a reasonable price.

We hope that Warner takes we, the undersigned seriously and honors our request for the release of these recordings.

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