Habit Rouge is one of the most known perfumes worldwide and of course released by the brand "Guerlain". As a fragrance enthusiast I always thrived to collect everything I really love.
And this perfume in specific is maybe my most favourite. But, as very common in business, Guerlain produced this only for 6 years. The first release was in 2008 and it was produced until 2014.
I discovered this perfume in late 2015 and realised that it is the best out of the whole line and it is a piece of true art work in perfumery. It has the best potential in terms of being known as a work of art.
With this I would like to get Guerlain into consideration of releasing a second limited version of this perfume for late 2019 as this date marks its 10th anniversary.
Thank you!

I, as a lover of fragrances and culture, want to help to spread this petition and help re-releasing "Guerlain Habit Rouge L'Extrait" for late 2019 as a 10 year anniversary.

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