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We request the KY legislature to help consumers against unfair business practices from cable and internet providers. Consumers are powerless when dealing with complex contracts, termination fees, service issues, switching costs and limited provider choices.

(1) Contracts are complex, difficult to read and are unilaterally in favor of the service provider;
(2) Termination fees are unreasonable especially when the provider fails to deliver service or the quality is poor, and fees are often placed on consumer even after the contract term is completed;
(3) Providers use switching cost and termination fees against consumers;
(4) Rate increases are significant and are often well in excess of the CPI;
(5) Most of Kentucky has only two choices for cable and internet providers and in some cases consumers have only one choice. Oligopolies like AT&T control market share, set pricing and consumers are powerless to resolve issues through the bureaucratic system.

The costs to obtain cable and internet by the average consumer are quite significant and often exceeds a families the cost to feed a family of 4 for a week. We respectfully request that the KY legislature step-in on behalf of consumers that are being treated unfairly and establish regulations that provide a level of protection against unfair business practices and unreasonable price increases.

WE, the undersigned, respectfully request that the Kentucky Legislature take upon itself the duty to enact regulations that will protect consumers against cable and internet providers. Consumer choices are limited throughout Kentucky and the need for greater protection against unfair business practices are desperately needed in the absence of competition.

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