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The Electoral College was adopted when the population was not as large as it is today. I believe in the "Majority Rule". Thus removing the primary source of election of the President being majority. If the majority vote does not have a unanimous decision then proceed to the Electoral College. Doing so would ensure that every ones vote counts. Especially in states that are a majority one party.

When a state is a majority one party that party usually wins that state. Making citizens of that state that are not that party feel like their vote does not count. Removing the Electoral College would encourage more citizens to exercise their right to vote and have a larger turn out on election day. Please move forward on this issue as I am sure i'm not the only citizen that feels this way.

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I (The undersigned) petition the U.S. Federal Government to reform the Electoral College and how the President of the United States is elected.

The Electoral College has raised many questions over the past few elections. Many citizens that are entitled to the right to vote don't feel their voices are being heard. Due to this issue many citizens have stopped voting.

If the Federal Government would reform the Electoral College by making the Majority vote be the main determiner of who is elected President this would increase voter turnout. If this was reformed it would ensure every individuals voice in the United States is heard and matters. The Electoral College would not be abolished as a whole in case the majority vote is a tie. In this situation the Electoral College would determine who is elected President.

This is a major issue that needs attention and reform in the United States to ensure our voices as citizens are heard.

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