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ANC - South African Government
South Africa

The South African Government (ANC) are like the pigs on George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. They use the police to brutally enforce the regimes ideals upon the masses. Even shooting mine workers to drive them back to work.

When they needed the people to fight and stand up against the old apartheid government they made elaborate promises of equality and freedom, drawing up a whole new constitution to protect human rights. "All animals are equal".

But once in power they started doing exactly what they accused the old regime of doing. They are corrupt and they side with the wealthy and the bankers. They build statues of themselves but squeeze the poor 'work-horses and sheep' harder and harder.

I see a direct parallel between them and the pigs on animal farm.

I am asking people to sign this petition to get the ANC Government and the wealthy and prosperous black people in South Africa to either read or watch a movie rendition of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ to and know that there is a direct parallel between them and the pigs on Animal Farm.

And to beg them to CHANGE.

Here is a link to the full YouTube video, be sure to watch all 6 parts:


Usually, if you hold a mirror up to someone who has changed drastically, this revelation of what they have become can be enough to shock them back to reality. For the ANC and for South Africa as a whole, Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ can be this mirror.

Help me to get people to revisit this book or to watch the brilliant movie adaptation on the link above.

Sign this petition.

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