#Law & Order
Kevin Rudd and Kristina Keneally. (theprimemininster@www.pm.gov.au, thepremier@www.nsw.gov.au)

Family Law Act 1975 to be corrected. New Family Law Act to have the following Terms included:

* In Australia, Federal Magistrates are to do a check on both parents with DOCS and Police, at the beginnning of the Court proceedings, to see if any records are held on either parent before issuing a Court Order for either parent to have Custody of the child.

* Domestic Violence Father not ever to be given Custody of a baby by submitting a lying Affidavit without any evidence. Especially the day after being threatened by Police with an AVO being taken out on him.

* Mother of baby always to be Subpoenad to Court.

* Both sides of a story are to be heard. Especially considering the Mother has evidence to back up everything she is saying.

* Baby not to be removed from Mother unless there is a decent enough reason to do so when both sides of the story have been heard.

Family Law Act 1975 should be corrected with all points above as major errors have been made in September 2009 for the welfare of a 5mth old baby. The Domestic Violence Father was given Custody of the 5mth old Baby without the Mother even being Subpoenad to Court. Mother is to never have baby removed because of a lying Affidavit without evidence submitted by Domestic Violence father.

Mother's side of the story has to be heard. Baby to be returned to her mother. And Affidavits without evidence are not to be accepted.

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