Around 10 years ago I started developing a theory on my own about world overpopulation.

"The main challenges the world will have to face in the coming years will be overpopulation, lack of resources (water, food, oil, etc ...), pandemia of all sorts of old and new diseases, pollutions of all sorts (chemical, air, water, food, etc...)".

This thought came from one of the Main Geniuses the world gave birth to, ALBERT EINSTEIN, WRITTEN IN the 1930's, when the word ecological had yet to be "invented", when the consciousness of a devastated Earth was not even floating around, when the planet had still unexplored part to go and discover !

It's time to Reduce World Population Now!

The idea of Eco-Extremist Paul Watson, which originated from Robert Malthus, an English political economist claims that mankind is overpopulating the earth. That claim first appeared in the late 1700s!

Why is it so difficult to conceive that WE MUST REDUCE WORLD POPULATION NOW ?
1 child per couple make reducing by half the population in one generation.
So it take only :

1 generation, FROM NOW, to get to (6 billion : 2 =) 3 billion people
2 generation to get to (3 billion : 2=) 1.5 billion people
3 generation to get to (1.5 billion : 2=) 750 Millions people : DESIRED GOAL, but at this level birth restriction has to be maintained.
4 generation to get to (750 M : 2=) 375 Millions people : MOST ENJOYABLE RESULT, this level give more adaptive behaviour to let people manage population on their own.

Which is more than enough people on earth to have a perfect life, with a well planified brainstorming of a 3 or 4 generations time duration.

Is this what you do want for your children's and "with some luck" probably for you too ? :

All following links are in French. Contact me if you have English ones of interest or if you translated them (because ou are involved and motivated!!!).

1- A suggestive powerpoint diaporama online or downloadable, to watch preferably with Internet Explorer

2- 2070 Written Letter : This article goes with the above diaporama

3- Unquestionable end of civilisations as we know them ?

4- The demographic bomb n' is not defused

If I count up to 6 : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
During the time it takes me to do so 24 people were born on earth. And within the next hour we will be 1000 additional human being. If we started to count this morning, then at we will be 11,000 more by days end. When I go to bed within 2 days from now we will be 260,000 more.100 million more this year.

Online Population increase (fascinating !!!)

A second one in French (hypnotic!!!)

Another one

Another one, click on "NOW" on top right

A last one for the road, clic on "NOW" on top right

You can find them here, plus other ones
Word population statistics

Look at the figures to race like insane horses on your monitor. Show them to your family, your friends, your children, and tell them that this is nothing, that all is well. As they said it on TV yesterday, so that it must inevitably be the truth. Tell them, and when that will happen tell them to point out to you what you tell them today…

Then what will you do inhabitants of the Earth, this vessel in perdition?

Don't you agree ?

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French petition : Pétition Réduction de la population mondiale

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