Phi Alpha Delta
United States of America

The Florida State University chapter of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law International Fraternity will be holding a state conference for the Florida chapters from March 28th, 2008 - March 30th, 2008. The chapter will be charging its members $40 to attend the conference.

During the conference, those participating in mock trial will not be able to attend the dinner on Friday night, nor will they be able to attend the various activities and speakers on Saturday aside from the banquet and social, however they are still being asked to pay for all of the events. The members of mock trial are asking to pay only for the amount of the banquet.

Many members of the Leadership Board have also contributed a great amount to the conference and as a result are asking for a reduced rate of $20. The Executive Board may determine whom the "contributing members" of the Leadership Board are.

However, if a question results about whom is considered a "contributing member" of the Leadership Board, the Leadership Board reserves the right to call for a vote to decide.

We, the members of Phi Alpha Delta, call to the Executive Board to reduce the cost of State Conference for all contributing members of the Leadership Board and all mock trial participants.

We ask that the cost for the mock trial members be reduced to the sole cost of the banquet per person and nothing more.

We ask that the cost for all members of Leadership Board deemed "contributing members" be $20.

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