Devon County Council
United Kingdom

Picture a beautiful scene of nature and fields providing a home to millions of animals and birds. Imagine that this is also a home and livelihood for farmers and provides jobs for many other people too. There is such a place near where I live and now the Council wish to build a town here called Cranbrook.

Unless I get enough signatures here, they will be building to their original plans, and destroying the homes, jobs and livelihoods of both wildlife and people with bulldozers. While it is far too late to stop the building altogether, it is not too late for the Council to reduce their plans to build here. This would also be dangerous since they plan to build homes and other buildings there on the flood plains.

They say that this is necessary to reduce homelessness and to create jobs, but this is untrue because homelessness can be reduced by turning suitable old buildings into houses and work buildings, as well as reducing the housing costs. How would you like to be a wild animal and have your home destroyed for "economic reasons"?

We, the undersigned, call on the Devon County Council to reduce the size of the proposed town called "Cranbrook" and to trap as many animals as possible and release them at nature reserves.

The Reduce damage to wildlife in Devon petition to Devon County Council was written by Victoria Salter and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.