United States of America

To The Honorable Judge Santa Clara Superior Court Hall of Justice – 190 W. Hedding Street
San Jose , CA 95110
Booking No: 10038315

Dear Judge

The man appears in front of you today is no ordinary criminal suspect. He is not just anybody. He is the world renowned “LY TONG,” the one and only hero-activist who was featured in Reader Digest after he walked 1,400 miles to escape from Vietnam in search of freedom.

Ly Tong is not only our hero, but the hero for the just cause of Liberty , Freedom, and Democracy for millions of people who have no voice and are now languishing in the immense prison of communism in Vietnam . On Sunday July 18, 2010, Mr. Ly Tong went to the Santa Clara Convention Theater to protest a well-known communist agent who tried to infiltrate into our community under the disguise of music and entertainment. What Ly Tong did was not a criminal act but a political protest.

Mr. Ly Tong is not a common criminal but a political activist. He sacrifices himself for other people, and for good cause that we all admire. Most importantly, Mr. Ly Tong is not a flight risk. He never walks away from his responsibility just as he never walks away from his people.

On the other hand, he will stand up straight, as he always did, to confront the challenge, and will speak out to clear his name, and in the same breadth, to continue his fight for the just cause, the good cause that he has started when he set foot on the famous 1,400 mile journey to freedom many years ago, but he has yet to finish.

I provide my name, address and contact number as but one of many guarantors, among my compatriots, to vouch for Ly Tong, and to support him all the way, and will be with him on his day in court at trial if necess.

For the reasons above, I request the court to grant Mr. Ly Tong release on his own cognizance, or in the alternative, to reduce his bail to a nominally reasonable amount.

With deepest gratitude and respect.

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