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As a consequence of the well-publicized murder of Sarah Everard, public pressure, through protest, forced the UK House of Lords to issue the UK police force powers, to categorize Misogyny as a Hate Crime.

Misogyny is defined as 'hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, manifested in various forms such as physical intimidation and abuse, sexual harassment and rape, social shunning and ostracism'.

Whilst the cause is a kind one, it has unfortunately only resulted in a law being created, that specifically targets men, and furthermore discredits violence against men, by women, by definition.

My petition does not call for this law to be abolished. In fact, it supports the call for justice regarding crimes committed by gender.
However, it calls for Misandry (Hatred of men) to be added as a Hate Crime.
In short, equality in law.

The petition is in it's initial stages. It needs only 5 UK Citizens to sign, to activate. If you're not a UK Citizen, or are interested, but wish to not participate, please share to others, to raise awareness.

Current Bill- https://bills.parliament.uk/bills/2718
News article: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/women/misogyny-law-hate-crime-law-sarah-everard-b1819002.html

Redefine 'Hate Crime (Misogyny) Bill', to a gender-equal harassment/abuse law.

For the reason that the current bill, by definition, is sexist. Any discussion with opposing sides, helps to explore a problem, NOT a solution. Solutions should NEVER discriminate, as this one INTENTIONALLY does. Harassment and abuse is not gender-specific. Women can, and have, abused men.

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