The Australian Electoral Commission

With the AEC refusing to re-count the WA Senate ballot, after a margin of just 14 votes, it is vital that a recount is conducted to ensure that no human error was made in the count.

The House of Reps has an automatic recount if the margin is less than 100, so why does the Senate not get the same treatment?

Independent analysis "shows 21 separate instances of discrepancies at booths in Western Australia divisions where the number of upper and lower house ballot papers varies by over 10 votes. The total number of discrepancies one way or another is 351 votes." (Crook, Andrew. 'WA Senate drama: ballot-box anomalies boost Ludlam’s fight' article crikey.com Friday, 4 October 2013).

It is unacceptable that with such a large potential margin for human error that Western Australian voters appear to have had their intentions so grossly misrepresented, and misappropriated by the so called 'micro party alliance' preference deal brokers and their major party clients.

We ask that Senator Ludlams appeal to have a recount be approved, and independant assessment of the AEC's processing of past precedents in the Lower House recounts be a guide in a duly diligent inquiry.

Call on the AEC to commence a recount of the WA Senate ballot!

We, the undersigned, request that the Australian Electoral Commission commence a full recount of the West Australian Senate Ballot.

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