Palestinian territories

Wasatia advocates the promotion of a culture of moderation, peace, justice, reconciliation, tolerance, and coexistence through dialogue, voluntarism, charity, and social cooperation to undermine the escalation of enmity, fear, violence and extremism.

We invite the Palestinians and Israelis and the International Community to join us in our efforts and not to remain bystanders to create a community of reconciliation, our objective is together a community that believes in reconciliation between both communities and acknowledges the suffering of the other.

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This petition aims at acknowledging and recognizing the pain and suffering of both Palestinian and the Israeli people.

With our signatures, we make the statement, "You do not suffer alone; we are deeply moved by what is happening in your region and hope for reconciliation to be the road taken between both Palestinian and Israeli ."

In the face of despair and cynicism, we call for a just and peaceful solution to end this dire situation.

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